WordPress web hosting the beginner’s guide 2017

WordPress web hosting company the beginner’s guide 2017

Are you looking for the fastest and most reliable WordPress web hosting for your WordPress Website? But you can’t know where to go?

Well, here I am going to show you the WordPress web hosting in the different way which let you the complete understanding of the best choice for purchasing web hosting account for your website according to the performance, not just space and bandwidth. You can also create a free hosting account on WordPress.com. We are going to test them first and then we will decide to purchase the best web hosting. This test inform us which hosting is accurate, fast and most reliable, and which one the slowest hosting, so let get started.

What’s Google recommend to load a page in time?

Before describing the list let’s see what’s Google recommends that your website speed should loading as before people certain leave. So Google recommends that your website shouldn’t take longer than 3 seconds. Why they recommend 3 seconds to load because according to the recent report there are many other things that impact earning from a site but the site which loads in 5 seconds earns 2x more than the site loads in 19 seconds. My website takes 5.45 seconds to load according to the Pingdom.com.

Because of too many images on this post, I will just show you images for the first site only. Next, you can check yourself from pingdom.com.


In Motion Hosting is one of the best hosting performance company according to its speed, reliability, and consistently. it is one of the best-supporting company. Here is the test of a website which is hosting with In Motion Hosting.

The above test shows three things:

First is the web browser speed average 3.4 which is best.

The second thing is hosting or PHP server response time the average is 1.2 seconds which is very good.

The third is the technology leave that score is 1, the lower is better.

Domain speed test

Let’s check the domain belongs to inmotionhosting.com. So the performance and load time is around 2.19 seconds faster than 67% of tested sites it means In-Motion hosting company is very good and we recommend them. Packages start from $4 to $100 per month. See the below screen shot for package info.

Greengeeks.com The web hosting company

Green Geeks hosting is one of the best hosting company. It’s good in web browser load speed, hosting/PHP server response, and technology level. The average is 2.7 seconds, 0.276 seconds and the score is 0 respectively. According to the Pingdom test, the page load time is 2.84 seconds which is less than 3. So if you see the In-Motion hosting test, Green Geeks better than In-Motion. Demonstrate the below figure for packages rates.


Site Ground one of the best web hosting company and best for its fast load time, nice server response time and fast to upload. According to the test result, the web browser load speed is around 4.9 seconds; hosting/PHP server response time around 0.283 seconds, the technology level score is 0 and the page load time is 2.09 seconds. There is no issue to use it. We recommend them.


Dream Host is fast and consistency with browser loading speed. The page load time is around 1.7 seconds which is very good for you. Check out for more information. See the below figure for Dream Host.


Host Gator is the most famous company for web hosting on the internet. Is it really? Let’s check the test result for it. The result shows that the browser time is 5.3 seconds, server time is 0.661 seconds and technology level score is 3. But the page load time is very fast; it’s 1.48 seconds to load faster than 81% of the tested site. Nice, very nice speed.


A2 Hosting is also a good company for hosting your website. Why it’s good? Because the page loads time is around 2.00 seconds which is very well.


Blue Host is very popular web hosting around the internet world. It’s not bad to use, but to compare with above web hosting; it’s not good as the above-recommended web hosting. Even the WordPress.org recommends them as the best WordPress web hosting company. After testing, the page load time was 3.10 seconds, browser response time was 3.2 average seconds, the average of hosting/PHP server response time was 0.499 seconds, and the technology level score is 0. The response time wasn’t consistency. So we not recommend them. The popularity of Blue Host is best.


Now you can easily decide which WordPress web hosting company is best for you. I need your feedbacks about this list.




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