The Difference between WordPress Com verses Org

What is difference of WordPress Com verses Org?WordPress Com verses Org let you hosted like you renting an apartment yet it’s free.

  • Fully maintained and controlled by, there only few things you can do.
  • Lacks customization and flexibility for you blog.
  • It’s a part of a larger network of blogs.

It’s software and for installing this software you must have a self-hosting, like you owning a house.

  • You are (means your host provider) responsible for maintenance like spam protection, backup you files and security.
  • You have full control and flexibility.
  • Site or blog lives independently on its own.

Domain name WordPress Com verses Org


Your domain name should have like mean the last part of your domain will be You need to register your own domain name like (org, net and so on).
You can buy a domain name for the minimum amount of $18 per year. But still you are not fully control over your site. It cost you minimum amount of $4 to $15 per year. Yet the post provider also gives a domain name free for life time. So you don’t need to purchase.


Storage space

They give you 3GB of free space. You need to find a host. They cost you a hosting fee of $4 to $10 per month. You can purchase annually package.
If you want to purchase 100GB space, so the add-on costs $160 per year. It also includes free domain and unlimited space.



You haven’t FTP access. You have full control over your files.
You cannot edit the code. You can modify and customize your website as you wish.
You have to $30 per year to edit the code.  



You have limited selection of free designs. You are the owner of thousands of free theme designs and you can also purchase premium designs which available.
Premium themes cost you from $20 to $200 or may be more, depending on which theme you selected. You can make your site look pretty and unique.



There is no plugins available for free. Thousands of free and premium plugins available here.
You have limited opportunities for new features and functionalities. You have permission to add ant feature or functionality that you wish.



Ads are not allowed here. You have complete control over ads. displays their ads on your site. You can run text ads, banner ads, affiliate links and anything else you wish.
You can get ad-free to upgrade for $30 per year.  


Result according to the given information

According to the given information we calculate as below:

  • com hosting will cost you around $260 per year for complete control.
  • org for which you have to purchase self-hosting will cost you around $60 to $130 for complete control and unlimited space and bandwidth. The good thing of self-hosting is that you have to pay in single place and one time registration.

This the main differences between WordPress Com verses Org.

Now is the time you have to decide which one is best for you. It’s all depending on your needs.

We will learn the sign up process for in the next post. And after that we will write the detail about self-hosting, getting one, installing WordPress, build your website, index to the, rank it and getting AdSense ads for our site.

For more detail about WordPress, keep visiting “how to create a website using WordPress”.

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