Gul Academy is created for education help. Its just not created for the schooling education but also other short courses. Why should you visit this website? because its update on daily bases. It provide free collection of videos for a single subject so you can easily understand what you want.
I am Rehmat Saeed B.S Civil engineering. Live in Pakistan Karachi. Belongs to Khyber Pakhtoon Khowah. I surf internet over 10 years. There are too many website who working hard to provide education and they succeed. I thought there are thousands of best videos on Youtube and DailyMotion. But students can’t get benefit as they should because you can only get the complete idea from beginning to end. Thats why i collect all these videos to a single subject to get more benefit form it.
Now we are becoming a group of providing education. You can also join us. You can post free. Your opinion will be appreciate.
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