BSc Mathematics Past papers Karachi University download

BSc Mathematics Past papers Karachi University

BSc Mathematics past Papers Karachi University Paper I and Paper II BSc Mathematics past papers of are available here. These past papers have the Mathematical Methods past papers and Calculus and analytic geometry past papers. There are two types of BSc mathematics past papers: first is the Paper I and the second is Paper II….

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BSc English Past Papers Karachi University free download

BSc English past papers

BSc English Past Papers In this post, we are going to share BSc English past papers. English is the compulsory subjects of almost all Pakistani boards. For preparing your examination you need an idea. These papers tell you, what kind of questions they can ask you in the papers. The main thing is to get…

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WordPress web hosting the beginner’s guide 2017

WordPress web hosting

WordPress web hosting company the beginner’s guide 2017 Are you looking for the fastest and most reliable WordPress web hosting for your WordPress Website? But you can’t know where to go? Well, here I am going to show you the WordPress web hosting in the different way which let you the complete understanding of the…

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Functions in Excel like ROUND, AVERAGE tips

Excel Functions category list

Functions in Excel like ROUND, AVERAGE tips and tricks Excel has many built-in functions, not simply SUM. You have already some knowledge about a couple of them, just like ROUND and AVERAGE. Since there such a variety of Excel groups all of its functions into particular categories, on the principle that this will make it…

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Creating Your WordPress Account with strong password

wordpress account

How to create your WordPress Account using Now in this post we will make a WordPress account. Once you’ve got a basic idea about the identity of your blog and you’ve picked some potential names for the website address, you’re ready to create your site. The following steps take you through the process for…

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The Difference between WordPress Com verses Org

WordPress Com verses Org

What is difference of WordPress Com verses Org? let you hosted like you renting an apartment yet it’s free. Fully maintained and controlled by, there only few things you can do. Lacks customization and flexibility for you blog. It’s a part of a larger network of blogs. It’s software and for…

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Website Address for your website to live on internet

website address

Website Address for your website to live on internet How to choose a Website Address? The best choice of website address is very important for your website to live on top. Now you are prepared to band together with WordPress and begin creating your own particular web masterpiece. Yet it’s too fast to start now….

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WordPress landscape or the wordpress views

wordpress landscape

The WordPress landscape What is the WordPress landscape? Since you got this post, it’s likely that you definitely know at least somewhat about WordPress. You likely understand that it’s a brilliant tool for making a tremendous variety of websites, from gossipy blogs to genuine business websites.  However, you may be a bit fluffy on whatever…

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Building Website with WordPress, the Quick Presentation

building website with wordpress

Building Website with WordPress, the Quick Presentation Building website is the basic skill for managing all kind of work or business online. If you want to create online blogging, individual portfolio, online stores or another type of website, you have to pay around at least $1000 to complete it by a professional who will spend…

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Google AdSense a Presentation before apply

Google adsense

Google AdSense a Presentation You’ve presumably heard a great deal about Google AdSense, however, you may not know exactly what it is. Indeed, for a certain something, it’s one of the most sweltering better approaches to profit online without doing a ton. In the event that you’ve perused a book, “Rich Father, Poor Father,” you…

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