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9th class Chemistry is quite confusing for college kids in ninth class as it’s the first they’re learning an entire subject on this field. Chemistry was more of a mandatory subject for all students of Science group of ninth class. It means that you need to pass 9th class chemistry subject so as to move on to consecutive class. several young understudies build a career in this field if they like this course. we are going to assist you to understand and learn this course therefore ready to not only pass its test, however, be able to build an enlightened decision concerning your career. 1. A course of ninth class chemistry 2. Video tutorials of 9th class chemistry for Sindh board students 3. Paper pattern of the ninth class chemistry for Sindh board students. Below is the list of 9th-Chemistry tutorials.

Video Tutorials Chapter wise

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Chemistry

Chapter 2: The Chemical Combinations

Chapter 3: The Atomic Structure

Chapter 4: Periodicity of the Elements

Chapter 5: The Chemical Bonding

Chapter 6: The States of Matter

Chapter 7:  The Solution and the Suspension

Chapter 8: The Electrochemistry

Chapter 9: The Acids, Bases and the Salts

Chapter 10: The Chemical Energetics

Chapter 11: The Hydrogen and the Water

Chapter 12: The Carbon, Silicon and their Compounds

Chapter 13: The Nitrogen and the Oxygen

Chapter 14: The Sulphur and its Compounds

Chapter 15: The Halogens

Chapter 16: The Metals and Their Extraction

Chapter 17: The Organic Chemistry

Chapter 18: The Chemical Industries

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