6th class Math Sindh Board All Chapters Practice

6th Class Math Sindh Board all Chapters and practice with video classes6th class Math sindh board

6th class math Sindh board all video class are available here. Now you don’t need to hire a tutor for your child. You just need an Internet connection and OS, no matter what kind of OS you are using. You also have a choice to set your own learning hours or as you want for your child. Just sit in front of OS and watch chapter-wise video tutorials. Learn as much as you can and get the A1 grade in your class. It’s all possible because of Sabaq Foundation. So I,m Gonna give you a list of chapter vise videos. These all videos belongs to 6th class Math Sindh Board. other board and classes will be posted as soon as possible.

Chapter 1: Sets: There are 23 videos for this chapter along with Practice.

Chapter 2: Whole Numbers: Chapter 2 has 33 videos with a practice test.

Chapter 3: Factors And Multiples:

Integers: Chapter 4:

Chapter 5: Simplifications:

Chapter 6: Ratio and Proportion:

Chapter 7: Financial Arithmetic:

Chapter 8: Introduction to Algebra:

Chapter 9: Linear Equations:

Chapter 10: Geometry:

Chapter 11: Perimeter and Area:

Chapter 12: Three Dimensional Solids:

Chapter 13: Information Handling:

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